What A Load Of Crap

Glossary of chat acronyms & text shorthand. 2014.

Игры ⚽ Поможем сделать НИР

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  • Władzimir Wałoc Trubetsky — ( Włodzimierz Wałoc Trubecki , Vladimir Trubetsky , Vladimir Waloc Troubetzkoy ; October 5, 1915, Tallinn ndash; April 22, 1997, Tallinn) was a Ruthenian Polish Prince. He was a member of the Leśni (Armia Krajowa; in Wilno Voivodeship), the armed …   Wikipedia

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  • Trubetskoy — (English), Трубецкой (Russian), Trubiacki (Belarusian), Trubecki (Polish), Trubetsky (Ruthenian), Трубецький (Ukrainian), Troubetzkoy (French), Trubezkoi or Trubetzkoy (German), is a Ruthenian Gediminid gentry family of Black Ruthenian stock,… …   Wikipedia

  • Paweł Trubecki — Prince Paweł Trubecki ( Paweł Troubetzkoy ; 1879 Congress Poland – 1941 Tallinn, Estonia) was a partisan of Stanisław Bułak Bałachowicz, a member of The Special Unit of Belarusian People s Republic in Estonia ( Asobny Atrad BNR w Estonii… …   Wikipedia

  • Jan Trubecki — ( Jaan Trubetsky ; 29 December 1938 Tallinn) is a Polish Ruthenian bayan player, noted for his performances of Frédéric Chopin s and Michał Kleofas Ogiński s preludes and fugues. Jan Trubecki belongs to the Trubecki family of Polish nobility, but …   Wikipedia

  • Trubetsky coat of arms — Trubetsky [[Image:{{{image}}}|175px|Trubetsky Coat of Arms]] Battle cry: Details Alternative names Trubecki, Трубецкой Earliest mention unknown Towns …   Wikipedia

  • Famille Troubetzkoy — Armes des Jagiellons, dit Pogon Litewska Troubetzkoy (pol. Trubecki) est une famille de la noblesse russe et polonaise. Transcriptions : Troubetzkoy (français), Трубецкой (russe), Trubecki (polonais), Trubetskoy (anglais), Trubiacki… …   Wikipédia en Français

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